The SEMANCO project aims at CO2 reduction in the built environment through structuring energy data, classifying buildings and visualising urban energy data (both physical and social) to produce tools that allow users to assess the effectiveness of CO2 reduction strategies and adopt measures to improve them.
There are a number of current issues in modelling, analysis and visualisation of energy related data within the built environment. The workshop brings together projects and professionals with similar aims to identify the cross-cutting issues and the synergies between workers that will help in addressing these. The ultimate aim is to produce a Discussion Document that can serve to orient EU-wide progress on the issue of analysing and visualising energy related data in the built environment.
The key themes that the workshop will address are:
The workshop discussions will be facilitated by presentations from representatives of relevant projects addressing the proposed themes. These will be followed up by round-table discussions in small groups in which issues will be further explored and experiences shared. Throughout the proceedings, discussions will be supported dynamically by an online Lino post-it space and a live mind map to capture the proceedings and provide the basis for developing the Discussion Document.
To facilitate maximum value from the workshop time, we are encouraging pre-participation to discuss and further define the workshop themes in the SEMANCO workshop blog.